Medium Strenght Plate 

Alloy EN AW 5083 [AlMg4,5Mn0,7]
Type of Alloy heat treatable
Temper O3
Surface six-sides sawn, roughness Ra <15 µm

Special material G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC is an advancement of the almost universally-applicable G.AL® C210R from alloy EN AW 5083 (AlMg4.5Mn0.7). The outstanding features of medium-strength aluminium plate G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC sawn on all sides – absolutely free of microporosity, isotropy, extremely low-stress properties – are generated by special casting parameters, elaborate post-processing and special heat treatment.

Special features

  • Free of microporosity, diffusion resistance
  • Extremely low-stress properties
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Very good machinability
  • Excellent damping characteristics
  • Very good polishability
  • Ideally suited for applications under dynamic loads
  • Higher long-life endurance strength


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G.AL C210 DYNAMIC gesägte Aluminium-Gussplatte für Anwendungen in der Vakuumtechnik

Vacuum technology

The complete diffusion resistance due to the lack of microporosity of G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC and a very good outgassing behaviour under thermal influences, which corresponds to that of stainless steel, makes G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC the perfect choice for all applications with this very sophisticated technology. The density (helium leak test) was tested up to a vacuum 10-11 .

G.AL C210 DYNAMIC gesägte Aluminium-Gussplatte für Anwendungen in der Pneumatik


Diffusion resistance also plays a crucial role in pneumatics. Usually, low- and medium-strength, sometimes even high-strength rolled plates are used here. Conventional cast plates are not suitable due of the risk of microporosity for such applications. The absolute absence of pores of G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC is superior all other materials in this segment: rolled plates from a thickness of 60 mm can also exhibit porosity.

G.AL C210 DYNAMIC sawn aluminium cast plate for applications of the medical technology

Medical technology

The operational reliability of pressure-loaded or media-carrying components is highly dependent on the nature of the materials used. Microporosity can lead to premature wear and leaks in the equipment. Non-porous G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC is therefore the first choice in these cases and also corresponds to the suitability often required in medical technology in accordance with EN 602-2004.

G.AL C210 DYNAMIC sawn aluminium cast plate for applications in laser technology and optical industry

Laser technology, optical industry

The silicon outgassing and outgassing, e.g. from coolants, dreaded in this industry due to microporosity are avoided through the use of G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC thanks to the low, extremely compact and firmly embedded silicon content. The excellent dimensional stability of G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC also enables frequently occurring degrees of machinability of >95%.

Expert tip

For applications in vacuum technology, diffusion resistance and outgassing are extremely important. In both disciplines, the highly compact and non-porous structure of G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC ensures superior reliability.

Wolf Nawratil, Technical Product Manager, GLEICH Aluminium
Wolf Nawratil, technical product manager, GLEICH Aluminium

G.AL® is a registered trademark of GLEICH Aluminium GmbH, Kaltenkirchen, Germany