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Waterjet Cutting

Aluminium under high pressure

Often the use of CNC machining for contours is a time-consuming and expensive process. Waterjet cutting can create very precise contours with considerably less effort.

The foundation of any high-pressure cutting workplace is a high pressure pump which generates a water pressure above 4000 bar. Water abrasive blasting is most frequently used to cut aluminium plates; here, an abrasive component is added to the water, namely grinding sand.

duese wasserstrahlanlage aluminium 300x160 1

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our possibilities

alumnium bearbeitung wasserstrahl 940x627 1
  • Cutting of 3D-shaped contours without the chamfers (tilting of the rotary axes in the range of ± 45 °)
  • Max. dimensions of the sawn parts: 2000 x 4000mm
  • Max. thickness of the sawed parts: 200mm

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