EN AW 5754

Low-strength Rolle Plate

Alloy EN AW 5754 [AlMg3]
Type of Alloy non- heat treatable
Temper H111
Surface mill-finished or brush-finished

Low-strength rolled plate EN AW 5754 (AlMg3) is used in many areas where high standards are not set on strength. However, this alloy has good features that make this material useful in many areas.

Special features

  • Seawater-resistant
  • Very good anodising properties
  • Very good weldability
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EN AW 5754 Aluminium-Walzplatte für Anwendungen im Schiffsbau


The very good resistance to the aggressive influences of seawater means rolled plates made of AW 5754 are often used for technical housings in the shipping industry, for example.

EN AW 5754 Aluminium rolled plate for applications in the wide field of mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Rolled plates EN AW 5754 provide a cost-effective alternative for lightly loaded base and support plates.

EN AW 5754 Aluminium-Walzplatte für Schweißkonstruktionen

Welded constructions

The very good weldability of EN AW 5754 means that this material can be used in a variety of welded structures.

EN AW 5754 Aluminium-Walzplatte für den Behälter- und Anlagenbau

Container and plant construction

Due to the good corrosion resistance and workability (bending, edges) of EN AW 5754, rolled plates are widely used for the production of media-filled containers. Containers which are subject to pressure vessel regulations are usually prescribed material state H112.

Expert Tip

If rolled plates must be bent or canted, the bending edge should always be transverse to the rolling direction to avoid material breakage or formation of hairline cracks. Under no circumstances may the bending edge be marked with a sharp object, e.g. scribers. Rolled plates made of EN AW 5754 and 5083 are very-well suited, while Al cast plates are not suitable for bending and canting because of their structure.

Sven Flaake, Technical Product Manager, GLEICH Aluminium
Sven Flaake, technical product manager, GLEICH Aluminium

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