High-strength Rolled Plate

Alloy EN AW 7022 [AlZn5Mg3Cu]
Type of Alloy heat treatable
Temper T651
Surface rolled

High-strength rolled plate CERTAL® is based on alloy EN AW 7022 (AlZn5Mg3Cu). Compared with other high-strength rolled plates, CERTAL® has a significantly lower strength and hardness decrease from plate edge to centre and is therefore much more dimensionally stable than, for example, rolled plates made of EN AW 7075.

Special features

  • Very high strength
  • Good protective anodising capability
  • Very good machining properties
  • Very good polishability
  • Good dimensional stability


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CERTAL Aluminium rolled plate for applications in the toolmaking


CERTAL® is often used for heavily-loaded anvil caps and punch retainers.

CERTAL Aluminium rolled plate for applications of the device construction and mechanical engineering

Device construction and mechanical engineering

Due to the very high strength, CERTAL® is preferred for use in workpiece clamping and machining devices.

CERTAL Aluminium rolled plate for components in handling machines or industrial robots

Handling machines and industrial robots

If heavy loads have to be moved, CERTAL® has proven itself to be a high-strength material.

CERTAL Aluminium rolled plate for applications of the drive technology

Drive technology

For drive units with very high power transmission, only high-strength materials can be used. In addition to strength, CERTAL® also offers good dimensional stability for this strength class.

Expert Tip

If components show a very high degree of machining and they must be highly accurate, there can be a problem with warping when using rolled plates. This risk can be minimised if the processed component is subjected to stress relief annealing after the roughing operation at 140 ° C for 2 hours and only then is finished. rd.

Wolf Nawratil, Technical Product Manager, GLEICH Aluminium
Wolf Nawratil, technical product manager, GLEICH Aluminium

CERTAL® is a registered trademark of CONSTELLIUM S.A.

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