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Compliance System

Of course, observing rules and regulations in daily business is extremely important in the context of compliance. Beyond this, we think that the concept must be viewed holistically and embodied by our employees. For this reason, loyalty, integrity and ethical principles are additional pillars of an active compliance system.


Loyalty means mutual trust. GLEICH shares this trust with its customers, employees and suppliers based on an open and honest partnership. Loyalty is one of the foundations of our company and our business relationships.


In our global business activities, we condemn all practices which are not based on trust, integrity and fairness. Corruption and unfair competition do not help to make and maintain a harmonious, long-term partnership. All our partners are aware of this principle and we urge them to refrain from such wheelings and dealings.

Ethical principles:

All companies and employees of the GLEICH Group commit to maintaining socially responsible and ethically correct behavior. These include,among others:

  • the obligation to accept and comply with national labour law and international agreements
  • the prohibition of child labour
  • the prohibition of forced labour, also in terms of Social Accountability 8000 (SA8000)
  • Compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and directives relating to the health and safety of all persons working for the company or in the company
  • Compensation that allows for basic services to be secured, but at least equivalent to the minimum statutory rate
  • Prohibition of discrimination (no discrimination based on race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union or political affiliation)
  • Prohibition of disciplinary action in terms of SA8000 (psychological, physical and verbal abuse or their tolerance as well as coercing [bullying] of employees)
  • Prohibition of restriction of freedom of speech
  • No processing / use of raw materials which are obtained in defiance of social, ethical, environmental, economic principles or principles of international law (conflict commodities among others under the Dodd-Frank Act). 

You can get further information within our supplier declaration which you can find in the download area.