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About GLEICH Aluminium

The Gleich  group

is a traditional family owned company from Kaltenkirchen, close to Hamburg. Founded in 1980 by Christel und Günter Gleich, the group of companies is now run by the second generation, headed by Roland Gleich.

The core business since the mid-1990s has been the development, production and worldwide distribution of G.AL® aluminium plates. The brand name G.AL® stands for extremely low-distortion, dimensionally-stable and homogeneous aluminium precision and mould plates of consistently high quality. A special manufacturing process makes our products stand apart from conventional aluminium rolled plates. Our customers benefit from the resulting unique material properties by significantly reducing production times and component costs.

The ambition and passion of always finding exactly the right aluminium material for a variety of different customer applications is what drives us.


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G.AL® aluminium plates are used in

  • mechanical engeneering
  • laser  and optical industry
  • medical engeneering
  • mould making
  • toolmaking

among others. Reducing weight by using aluminium helps GLEICH Aluminium to save valuable resources. At the same time, simpler machining compared to steel and aluminium rolled products is a frequently used time and cost advantage of GLEICH customers.

GLEICH Aluminum is one of the world’s leading producers in the global aluminum precision plate market.

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The group consists of 8 business units: the holding company and the main plant in Kaltenkirchen with central plate production, the service centre for the production of customised aluminium cuttings, two sales offices and a CNC machining centre.

This makes it possible for us to offer a broad spectrum of aluminium plates in standard sizes, customised cuttings and contour parts as well as finished components in order to always supply our customers with the right product along their entire supply chain.

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As an active member of the Wirtschaftsverbands Großhandel Metallhalbzeug e.V. (WGM) (Association of Wholesale Traders of Semi-Finished Metal Parts), we are involved in the development of the use of semi-finished aluminium products in Germany.

Transparency as well as the protection of economic, environmental and ethical principles is our highest priority. You can get detailed information about this on the following pages or in our supplier self-assessment.