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From the aluminum block, to plates and customized cuttings and up to cnc-machined components.

With us, its all about Aluminum!

We are offering a wide range of aluminum alloys and products for more than 30 years but our focus has always been on our self-developed and in-house produced

G.AL® Aluminum Cast Plates

By continuously improving our products we are proud, that G.AL® Aluminum Cast Plates are the first choice many different applications today and we are successfully increasing the number of applications where G.AL® products substitute the standard aluminum rolled material.

The well known “classics” G.AL® C250 and G.AL®C210R have set international standards in respect of stress free condition, flatness, strength and consistent quality. Today G.AL® Cast Plates are used in almost every industrial branch, national and international.

With the G.AL® C330er series we developed an aluminum cast plate with particularly high strength values . The latest development – G.AL® DYNAMIC – is a high-density, non-porous and isotropic material quality, whose features are unmatched by any comparable material.

The highly automated production plant today includes a worldwide unique fully automated heat treatment facility, band saws, circular saws, plate milling machines, plate inspection and other auxiliary equipment, capable to saw plates and blocks up to a thickness of 1.060 mm. These exceptional capacities supported by a fully automated high rack warehouse allow us to supply both small and very large orders within a short lead- time but still in superior quality (See more about our production). Quality is an important keynote to us – GLEICH is an ISO EN 9001:2008 and 14001:2005 certified company with a seal of quality for excellent operational safety.

In addition to our G.AL® Aluminum Cast Plates we offer a wide range of

Aluminium Rolled Plates 


Aluminium Round Bars

Our product also includes a wide range of services that we offer for each material. From the aluminum plate in standard sizes, via customized cuttings up to fully CNC – machined components incl. surface treatment, we can offer everything.


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The wide range of aluminum products stored easily accessible in a high-bay warehouse