Our expertise: plates and cuttings made of aluminum

For over 30 years, our core competence has been in the production and distribution of low-distortion aluminum cast plates.

Cuttings made from G.AL C250 on our circular saw

As one of the first German manufacturers, our customers rely on our continuous top quality and our innovations worldwide. In modern cutting centers, customized cuttings with very narrow tolerances are manufactured from aluminum plates. CNC machining specialized for aluminum rounds off our service portfolio.


Our Possibilities

• Plate sizes up to 85.0 x 157.5 in. or 61.8 x  236.2 in.

• individual cuttings from 1.18 x 1.97 in.

• maximum plate thickness up to 42.13 in.

• Tolerances for Plates and Cuttings according to the product data sheets of each product


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