High Strength, Precision Rolled Plate

Alloy EN AW 7019 [AlZn4Mg2Mn]
Type of Alloy heat-treatable
Temper T651
Surface two surfaces precision milled, roughness Ra 0.4 µm, foiled on both sides

Precision rolled plate UNIDAL® made form alloy EN AW 7019 (AlZn4Mg2), finely milled on both sides and covered with protective film, is characterized by a narrow tolerance of flatness and thickness and has only relatively low residual stresses. The good anodizing and welding capability opens up a wide range of applications for this product.

Special features

  • Good weldability
  • Narrow tolerances of thickness and flatness
  • Good anodizing capability
  • Very good machinability
  • High strength
  • Two sides precision machined surface
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UNIDAL Aluminum precision rolled plate for applications of the installation technology

Installation technology

Base and support plates can also be made of UNIDAL® when they have difficult contours.

UNIDAL Aluminum precision rolled plate for the device construction and mechanical engineering

Device construction and mechanical engineering

Due to the good weldability yet high strength of UNIDAL®, a variety of welded structures are made from this material.

UNIDAL Aluminum precision rolled plate for applications of the printing industry

Printing industry

UNIDAL® is mainly used for printing plates in this sector. The good anodizing qualities also enable very smooth functional surfaces.

UNIDAL Aluminum precision rolled plate for applications of the automation technology

Automation technology

Higher-loaded transfer and coordinate plates are often made from UNIDAL®, particularly if anodization must satisfy aesthetic requirements and medium-strength cast plates are not sufficient.

Expert Tip

If components show a very high degree of machining and they must be highly accurate, there can be a problem with warping when using rolled plates. This risk can be minimized if the processed component is subjected to stress relief annealing after the roughing operation at 140 ° C for 2 hours and only then is finished.

Wolf Nawratil, Technical Product Manager, GLEICH Aluminium
Wolf Nawratil, technical product manager, GLEICH Aluminium

UNIDAL® is a registered trademark of CONSTELLIUM S.A.

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