Aluminum Rolled Plates - EN AW

A wide range of rolled aluminum plates.

In addition to Precision Rolled Plates and High-strength Rolled plates our product range also includes many other aluminum alloys according to EN AW.

Our range of rolled plates includes heat-treatable alloys as well as non heat-treatable products. Heat-treatable alloys show higher strength values compared with non heat-treatable alloys but greatest caution is needed. Many components are subjected to a heat-treatment for stress relieving during or after the machining. During this process too high temperatures can lead to a loss of strength when you are using heat-treatable alloys.

You can simply prevent this effect by using G.AL Aluminum Cast Plates. Due to their low stress level no additional heat-treatment is necessary and you can save a lot of time and money.

From our point of view Aluminium Cast Plates can substitute rolled material in nearly all applications but there are still components which require aluminum rolled material and for this reason we offer the following rolled alloys:


AW 5083

EN AW 5754

EN AW 6082

Various Aluminium rolled plates of different EN AW alloys