G.AL® Aluminum Cast Plates

When it comes to Aluminum Cast Plates, GLEICH Aluminium is the first choice.

We develop and manufacture the G.AL® Aluminum Cast Plates in our own premises since the 1990s. The brand name G.AL® stands for dimensionally stable, extremely distortion low and  homogenous aluminum plates of highest quality. Our aluminum cast plates are used in a wide range of applications. Not only the machine building industry trusts in the quality of our aluminum plates, but also the optical industry as well as the mould making sector and many other industries.

With a view on the economical perspective the use of aluminum cast plates allows also many advantages. Thus, the machining of aluminum cast plates is much simpler compared to plates made of steel. Furthermore aluminum plates are much lighter than comparable materials and save valuable resources. G.AL® Aluminum Cast Plates convince not only with their high quality, but also providing enormous time- and cost advantages.

Also in comparison with conventional aluminum rolled plates there is no need to hide. Quite contrary, due to the extreme lack of tensions the use of aluminum cast plates prevents a distortion of the component and gives also the possibility to achieve very narrow tolerances concerning flatness and thickness.

Aluminum Cast Plates can be divided into two categories according to their surfaces:

Precision machined plates


Six-sides sawn plates


G.AL Aluminium Cast Plates