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The brand name G.AL® stands for extremely low distortion , dimensionally stable and homogeneous aluminum precision and mold plates of a consistently good quality. G.AL® aluminum plates are used among others in mechanical engineering, in laser and optical industry, medical engineering as well as in mould and toolmaking .

Our products are therefore involved in the fabrication of a variety of everyday products and thats what we are proud of!

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Highest Standard of Quality

We achieve an outstanding quality by modern, highly automated production facilities, where the G.AL® aluminum cast plates are manufactured. As one of a few manufacturers with an own in-house electrically operated heat treatment facility we are able to control the treatment very precisely with the result that G.AL® cast aluminum plates have unique properties in terms of homogeneity, low stress and dimensional stability.

The result: Satisfied customers!

Statement of production capability of G.AL® products

Being one of the leading manufacturers of cast plates, cut to size pieces and drawing parts, we are dealing with the challenge of the pandemic situation with the Corona virus.

In order to remain a reliable partner for our customers all over the world, we have taken measures to maintain our production under many circumstances. Further our production is at a high level of automation, so that we have been able to already minimize personal contact. We purchased our required raw material at an early point of this pandemic in order avoid any potential supply bottlenecks. At our headquarters in North Germany all Administration can – if required – work from home.

We will carry on with production as long as there a no state restrictions. All recommendations from the “Robert-Koch-Institutes“ as well as the “WHO” are taken in to account interacting with our staff and service providers.

Together with our customers we want to position ourselves solidary and mitigate the economic consequences with all our strength.

Our Products

The focus of our product range is on our self-manufactured G.AL® cast aluminum plates. But aluminum rolled plates of various alloys and aluminum round bars are also available. See for yourself!

    Our Services

    From aluminum slab, over the plate and customized cuttings up to finished component: The Experts in Aluminum of GLEICH stand with you. The highly automated manufacturing facilities allows us to provide you with competitive and high-quality semi-finished aluminum products. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers we are not resting on our laurels but are developing our materials continuously in order to provide the optimal solution for each single application of our customers.

    Cut to size!

    In our modern cutting facilities in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, we manufacture customized aluminum cuttings with the highest possible accuracy.

    Drawing-Parts according to your wishes

    For more than 30 years we are dealing with aluminum. Besides the production of low-stress aluminum cast plates, we have our own CNC production, which has been completely dedicated to aluminum.

    This helps us to combine our product know-how with our CNC know-how and finally to choose the best material together with the for this material optimized machining processes.

    The Perfekt Look!

    In addition to the technical requirements on surface processes such as anodizing or powder coating, the optical requirements are increasing continuously. We face this challenge and can offer you the best results by combining our know-how from the fields of material science and surface processes.

    Aluminium Know-How

    You can benefit from our aluminum experience. You do not know exactly which alloy is the best one for you application? What is the best cutting speed for different alloys? Why you must not etch aluminum cast plates? Please send us your questions, the Experts in Aluminum of GLEICH are here to help!

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