CNC machining of aluminium is not rocket science. Or is it?

CNC-machined component made from G.AL Aluminium

Aluminium is characterised by its good machinability. The occurring cutting forces are substantially lower than steel or brass, for example. The mechanical load of the tool, workpiece and machine is thereby considerably lower; the energy expended per unit volume of the workpiece is also correspondingly lower.

Another advantage is the relatively low specific weight of aluminium; it also considerably reduces centrifugal forces (inertial forces), especially in rotating workpieces.

Control unit of a cnc-machine of GLEICH Aluminium

CNC-machined drawing part made of G.AL Aluminium

We have been working with aluminium for over 30 years. In addition to the production of low-stress aluminium cast plates, we have our own CNC production, which is completely specialised in aluminium.

We can make use of our product know-how in our machining centres and choose the material tools and machining processes tailored to the material.

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