High-strength Rolled Plate

Alloy AA 7122 [AlZn5Mg3Cu]
Type of Alloy heat-treatable
Temper T651 / T652
Surface rolled

The high-strength rolled plate CERTAL SPC® is made of alloy AA 7122, a modified version of alloy EN AW 7022 (AlZn5Mg3Cu) and is available at up to 300 mm in thickness. The 150 to 180 mm thicknesses are produced both in stretched (T651) or compressed (T652) versions, from thicknesses >180 mm, always in T652. Compared with other high-strength rolled plates, CERTAL SPC® has a significantly lower strength and hardness decrease from plate edge to centre and is therefore much more dimensionally stable than, for example, rolled plates made of EN AW 7075.

Special features

  • Very high strength
  • Very low strength decrease over the cross section
  • Excellent polishing properties
  • Very good machinability
  • Good dimensional stability


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CERTAL SPC Aluminium rolled plate for the mould making industry


Whether for casting, injection moulding or blow moulds for plastics processing proceeds, in medium-sized series or mass production, CERTAL SPC® is probably the best suited material.

CERTAL SPC Aluminium rolled plate for applications in the wide field of mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

For example, for heavy-duty tool carriers, tool changers and tool clamps, CERTAL SPC® is an excellent choice.

CERTAL SPC Aluminium rolled plate for applications of the hydraulics


In hydraulics, CERTAL SPC® takes into account the rolling direction for control blocks to peak pressures of 400 bar.

CERTAL SPC Aluminium rolled plate for components of industrial robots

Industrial robots

Different versions of gripping claws, clamping and tensioning devices for heavy loads are produced from CERTAL SPC®.

Expert Tip

If rolled plates must be bent or canted, the bending edge should always be transverse to the rolling direction to avoid material breakage or formation of hairline cracks. Under no circumstances may the bending edge be marked with a sharp object, e.g. scribers. Rolled plates made of EN AW 5754 and 5083 are very-well suited, while Al cast plates are not suitable for bending and canting because of their structure.

Sven Flaake, Technical Product Manager, GLEICH Aluminium
Sven Flaake, technical product manager, GLEICH Aluminium

CERTAL SPC® is a registered trademark of CONSTELLIUM S.A.

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