Aluminium Round Bars

The precursor of aluminium round bars are cast and heat treated slabs with round diameter, called billets.

Cast billets are available up to a diameter of approx. 1000mm and they are mostly used in smaller sections for further processing in extrusion. During the extrusion the heated section of the billet will be pressed by mechanical or hydraulic pressure through a round mould.

The result is a aluminium round bar with a specific diameter. With special mechanical and thermal post-treatments the particular properties of the different alloys can be improved. Round bars are often used for the production of rotationally symetric parts, shafts or axis. Cuttings of round bars with a bigger diameter are also used for the manufacturing of round indexing tables.

We are stocking the following alloys:

EN AW 2007

EN AW 6082

EN AW 7075

If the required alloy is not part of our standard stocking rage, no problem, please contact us for other alloys and qualities.

Stack of Aluminium round bars