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Many information can be found in aluminium-manual, which is being completely revised and will soon be available. In the meantime, please use our glossary for useful word explanations.


Rolling of aluminium strips with specially structured embossing rollers.

Pearl string

Thermally activated dissolution of contiguous precipitation strips on the grain boundaries – arrange into separate, punctiform precipitations distributed like a string of pearls at the grain boundaries.


Measure of the strength of the acid or alkaline effect of an aqueous solution.


Intermediate metal product supplied to smelting plants.

Plastic deformation

Permanent deformation or change in shape of a solid body without fracture under the action of a sustained force.


Applying a higher quality metal layer on a different metal or alloy; an insoluble connection is created by temperature and pressure application.


Non-metallic or metallic elements that are not deliberately added to the base metal or are included as admixture.


Polygonization is the process of rearranging excess edge dislocations into low-angle tilt boundaries – metallurgical process.


Circular cavities in the metal, which can be caused by too high gas content in the melt or shrinkage during solidification.


Alloying components not dissolved in the basic matrix.

Press effect

Manifests itself in the extrusion of profiles and rods from heat treatable aluminium alloys in the increase of the Rp0.2 boundary and the tensile strength Rm and a reduced elongation at break A5 in the direction of the axis of staff; it can be reinforced by recrystallization-resistant alloy additions.

Pressure test

Destructive material test to determine the mechanical parameters; reversal of the tensile testing.

Primary aluminium

Primary aluminium; produced directly from bauxite.

Primary metal

Material obtained by reduction or dissolution of a compound.


Longitudinal product with uniform cross-section over its entire length.


Metal passes through a die block by a pulling force on the metal outlet side.

Pure aluminium

Aluminium of high purity with an Al content of 99.95% and more.