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Many information can be found in aluminium-manual, which is being completely revised and will soon be available. In the meantime, please use our glossary for useful word explanations.

Hard anodizing

Galvanic process to reinforce the oxide skin of aluminium, layer sizes can be over 100 µm.

Hardness testing

Static and dynamic test methods for determining the hardness.

Heat-affected zone

Material areas near the weld whose characteristics are altered by the heat of the welding process.


A helicoil is a thread insert made of coiled wire; pre-cutting of the female thread is necessary, a special tool is required for insertion.

High annealing

Heat treatment process that is usually performed before the hot forming process to compensate segregations, reduce residual stresses or evenly eliminate supersaturated dissolved elements.


Heat treatment in which the chemical composition in microvolumes is made uniform and commensurable with the size of the grains of the alloy.

Horizontal continuous casting

Variant of vertical continuous casting; solidifying strand emerges horizontally from the casting crack, possible lengths are less limited than in the vertical casting process.

Hot forming

Processes where metals are plastically deformed above their recrystallization temperature.

Hot retrieval

Heat treatment of heat treatable alloys to achieve defined strength conditions.

Hot strip

Intermediate product produced by hot rolling and rolled into coils.

Hot top casting

Use of very short moulds with refractory, insulating layers without metal level control for generating high and uniform quality in multiple billet casting