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Many information can be found in aluminium-manual, which is being completely revised and will soon be available. In the meantime, please use our glossary for useful word explanations.

Band saw

Machine with continuous, infinite blade.

Barker’s reagent

Visualization of the grain structure by controlled chemical reaction.


Cast product of rectangular or circular cross-section for processing in rolling or pressing works.


Aluminium ore, raw material for aluminium production.

Block metal

Input material of high purity; product for melting alloys.


Irregularly shaped cavity in the metallographic structure, casting defect.

Brinell hardness

Pressing a steel or tungsten carbide ball with defined diameter at a defined force and for a defined period; based on the diameter of the impression, the hardness of the material can be inferred from a table.


Mechanical surface treatment with abrasives.

Built-up edges

Chip material adhering to the tool face adjacent to a cutting edge.