G.AL DYNAMIC exceeds your expectations

Component failure is due to the formation of fatigue cracks in the material is a common problem that has come in the focus of design engineers because of increasing competitive pressures and increasing downtime costs. Cracking most commonly occurs under dynamic loads and is attributed to the microstructure of material. GLEICH Aluminium solves this problem through the development of G.AL ® DYNAMIC special materials, which significantly increase the product life by increasing fatigue strength

G.AL DYNAMIC: Cast aluminium plates increases the service life

Many engineers has already known the advantages of low stress aluminum cast plates, but had to come back on known rolling products of the same humidity class or even on steel for components subjected to dynamic pressure. The consequences are a high rejection rate during machining as well as insufficient dimensional stability and resulting problems in the thickness and flatness of the components. Long machining times also increase component costs.

On the other hand  the production times and resulting production costs can be significantly reduced due to the excellent machining properties (machinability + form stability).

G.AL® DYNAMIC special materials help to increase the efficiency of both end users and metalworking companies in two ways:

The component lifetime is increased by a rise in fatigue strength and significantly improved elongation. This can prevent unplanned downtime and expensive spare parts procurement.

The properties of the G.AL® DYNAMIC  materials are adjusted in a complex casting and multi-stage heat treatment process, which ensures 100% reproducibility. The special production processes produce a particularly isotropic microstructure that is free of pores and micropores.

The product group G.AL® DYNAMIC  includes two materials, G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC  and  G.AL® C330 DYNAMIC.

The Classic applications for G.AL® DYNAMIC are components which are subjected to dynamic loads as well as in fluid technology (G.AL® C330 DYNAMIC), mechanical and plant engineering, conveyor technology, shipbuilding, defence technology and vacuum technology (G.AL® C210 DYNAMIC up to and including ultra high vacuum).

Even in mould making, G.AL® DYNAMIC was able to prove itself perfectly due to its very good machining properties and fracture elongation as well as good polishability. Argentine mold maker Rida de Argentina, a supplier to the automotive and textile industries, tested G.AL® C330 DYNAMIC for the purpose of substituting a high strength rolling stock of EN AW 7010 alloy. The company produced a mould for the construction of a cover in the vehicle interior, which should withstand 50,000 cycles. Walter Perez, head of construction describes the result as follows: “The Material G.AL® C330 DYNAMIC has significantly exceeded our expectations. After about 60,000 cycles, no signs of wear of the mould can be seen. In addition, the production time of the mould could be reduced by 40% compared to the previously used material.”

GAL Dynamic Abbildung Wöhlerlinien der G.AL Produkte