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Economical production is the key to success.

Aluminum, made of different alloys, is a modern, future-oriented material. The use of aluminum in construction is quite new, so there is often a lack of experience in this area.

Often the material price is not the decisive factor:

  • processing times
  • setup times
  • construction details

which accelerate production, but also the use of suitable materials, should be seen in the context of an economic approach. We consider a machining order holistically and always find the best economic solution.

Through our cost controlling process for repeat orders, manufacturing processes and materials can be optimized with an efficient software solution.

The aluminum experts from GLEICH Aluminum have solutions for many technical challenges:  Where other give up is just the beginning for us! We are ready for anything from the construction of prototypes to small series production of aluminum components.


Our Services

From the aluminum block to the plate, customer-specific cuts to the components that can be installed: the aluminum experts from GLEICH Aluminum are at your side.

Plates & Cuttings

Plates & Cuttings

  • Plate sizes up to 2.160 x 4.000 mm or 1.570 x  6.000 mm
  • individual cuttings from 30 x 50 mm
  • maximum plate thickness up to 1.070 mm
  • Tolerances for Plates and Cuttings according to the product data sheets of each product.

Discs & Contour cuttings

Discs & Contour cuttings

Discs and rings

  • Band sawn up to 2.200mm
  • waterjet cut up to 2.16

Contour cuttings

  • Laser beam cut up to 10 x 2.160 x 4.000 mm
  • band sawn up to 600 x 2.160 x 4.000 mm
  • Waterjet cut up to 220 x 1.570 x 6.000 mm or 220 x 2.160 x 4.000mm

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

  • Cutting of 3D-shaped contours without the chamfers (tilting of the rotary axes in the range of ± 45 °)
  • Max. dimensions of the sawn parts: 2000 x 4000mm
  • Max. thickness of the sawed parts: 200mm


  • All-sided milling X 4.500 mm /Y 2.000 mm / Z 1.1000 mm
  • Introduction of transport threads
  • Introduction of clamping slots and grooves
  • Introduction of deep hole drilling
  • Complete component assembly
  • Engravings(mechanical, laser and photo engraving)

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Our CNC production is completely specialized in aluminum. We have tools and machining processes that are optimally tailored to our material.

With us you buy directly from the manufacturer and have one contact person from production to the finished drawing part.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment

The surfaces of aluminum components can be refined using a variety of processes.

Without additional surface protection, the majority of which is provided by various anodizing processes, high-quality surfaces can hardly be protected permanently from mechanical, thermal and chemical loads.

CNC Machining

Surface treatment

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